• NFC Public Transport Payments

      Published 12 months ago in category NewsComment Vip mPrijevoz

      For our customer we developed Android mobile application that utilizes NFC and offers payment for public transport (Butra) in city of Osijek. App can found on Google Play.

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    • DAMS 5.0

      Published 1 year ago in category NewsComment dams-logo - small 2

      InstantComs DAMS (Digital Asset Management System) 5.0 has been released and deployed to production. It incorporates 10 years of experience in mobile content delivery (CDP). Quick sheet here: DAMS 5.0 quick sheet.

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    • Big data and real time analytics

      Published 1 year ago in category NewsComment nothumb

      For one large customer we developed a system that collects live information from retail stores in real time, stores that in MongoDB and than gives different opportunities to marketing teams with live graphs and data from tens of retail stores. Real time!  

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