TV Facebook Chat

Connect TV and social networks media with this interesting product.

InstantCom Face Chat is a web service system with architecture shown in this diagram.

User sends messages which are routed through SMS gateway (mobile operator) to Face Chat server. User can be registered or non-registered Face Chat user. In either way messages are held on server for moderation. No message can pass through without moderation.

If user is not registered, on first received SMS message a return message is sent to the user, containing registration link. By opening received link, Face Chat registration is presented:

User connects with Facebook and gives permission to Face Chat app to retrieve user Facebook image/avatar and name:

User can change his nickname to be shown on TV and after entering his mobile phone number (number from which SMS messages would be sent), registration is finished:

User can now send SMS messages which are after moderation shown on screen on the top.

At any time user can change his nickname or phone number: