We do software development for anyone who hires us. Our projects cover a wide range of industries, but mostly we are engaged in development of telecom and mobile operator software and services. A list of projects that we did in last 10+ years talk about our expertise.

Telecom grade projects

Tablet app for shops

Innovative Android app used in mobile shops to present and assist customers in choosing mobile devices and tariffs. Paperwork reduced to zero! More information or Youtube video.


InstantCom DAMS

Digital Asset Management System for audio, video, apps, streaming, ringtones and other content delivery to WAP, web and MMS channels. DAMS platform is all-in-one solution for content delivery, ideally suited for mobile operators and content providers.

InstantCom Aggregating Search

Search service for mobile operator portals which scrapes across different systems and content providers. Budgetary solution that works on top of existing content management systems. Easy to deploy. Request documentation and trial.

Chat & Date

Chat & Date application enables mobile phone users to find new friends and chat under nicknames through various application delivery channels: WAP, SMS, Web, Teletext, SmartTrust WIG. View pdf

More projects

  • System for prepaid customers registration – shop web application integrated with scanner, OCR and back office document management system. Used to register more than 1 million customers.
  • Chat & Date system (WAP, SMS, Web, Teletext, SmartTrust WIG)
  • Appliteka mobiexplore
  • MMS forward lock implementation for Chat&Date service
  • First and only in the world TV teletext interactive game Hangman
  • Mobile application store for Android, Symbian and Blackberry.
  • Mobile operator video streaming system with DRM
  • VMC – FTMD modul za MediaScape
  • Mobile portal credit chek/cost manager
  • Garmin charging interface integration – integrating navigation maps download with operator billing
  • InstantCom DRM system
  • WAP-push proxy gateway
  • Video download upgrade (DAMS)
  • Full Track Music Download (DAMS)
  • OTA Java Download Platform (DAMS)
  • SMS-to-WEB gateway
  • ISP hosted Unified Messaging platform (Fax, SMS, email, voice mail)
  • SMS content delivery library for Nokia Smart Messaging, 3GPP EMS and Siemens SEO standard
  • Email-to-SMS gateway (with automatic attachment converting to logos and ringtones).
  • WAP Casino
  • Integrated Ericsson WAP Push Proxy gateway and Comverse SMS-C, by implementing WAP WDP over SMS bridge and SMPP 3.4 to SMPP 3.3 converter.
  • OTA Settings Server
  • MMS Center
  • WAP Gateway
  • WAP PAP libraries
  • MMS Proxy Integration System for MMS analysis and prepaid billing
  • Ringtone and Logo delivery over SMS system
  • Prepaid payment plug-in for Ericsson MMSC R2 connecting PIPS payment subsystem and Siemens [email protected] Advantage.
  • SMPP 5.0 compliant SMPP library

Other projects

TV Face Chat

Premium SMS service that enables users to send messages to TV screen in Facebook manner with showing user message and avatar on TV and Facebook wall. It brings excitement and great user experience to end users and additional revenue to broadcasters.

Android application store

Android market application and web based admin for content management and content provider reporting. It is used for Samsung Croatia app store.


Smartphone mobile application that allows discounts to products and services. Currently supported on iPhone, Android and Symbian. More info

More projects

  • Croatian Music Channel TV Face Chat – Facebook messages on TV
  • Samsung Croatia Android application store – Android market application and web based admin for content management and content provider reporting
  • Samsung Croatia WAP site
  • – mobile coupons on iPhone, Android and Symbian
  • Boulder Dash – The Collection for Android
  • Domain registration site (
  • Personalized Homepage portal with drag and drop personalization
  • Web portal and photo publishing for national news agency
  • JSR-212 SAMS (Simple API for Mobile Services) implementation for SMS – Expert Group member in JCP JSR-212 SAMS
  • chat – server and Java client software development – most popular chat service in Croatia (and probably region) with more than 2500 simultaneous users chatting on one single server!
  • Boulder Dash® M.E.™ 1 and 2 developed for First Star Software®. Developed in J2ME, Mophun, Symbian and BREW. Translated to 9 languages and supporting 150 different handsets which resulted in more than 450 released game files, distributed by I-play across all continents.
  • 3D Engine and Undercover Agent game for N-Gage – InstantCom has developed its own 3D engine for Nokia Series 60 platform. This 3D engine has been used in Undercover Agent a 3D fighting demo game. Undercover Agent game has won second place on Nokia Connect Coder 2003 competition. Undercover Agent can be played against AI opponent or against real opponent using Bluetooth.
  • Multiplayer skiing game for Terraplay system – a J2ME game which uses Terraplay mobile multiplayer game platform (multiplayer middleware).
  • AlpineSki mophun game
  • Street Chase mophun game

Experimental projects

  • BitTorrent caching solution for small ISP’s