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Send documents via fax using your smartphone

The TelcoFax product consists of a user-friendly mobile application for the Android and iOS operating systems and a web service. The mobile application enables users to photograph and send their documents. The web service is used to mediate sending/charging and enable monitoring/archiving of messages while providing administration/supervision abilities for the whole system.

TelcoFax schema

TelcoFax is designed to integrate into any telecom provider’s portfolio of existing services:

TelcoFax screens

The motivation behind providing such a service to customers:

  • Expanding the portfolio with a new service targeting mobile users
  • Charging customers for sending / receiving faxes
  • Achieving a technological advantage towards competitors
  • In comparison to e-fax solutions – a more simpler and practical solution for mobile customers

Sending a fax document via the mobile application is very easy and practical:

Easy and practical

The document photograph is processed by computer algorithms which prepare it for sending via fax (the angle of the document image is corrected, the photo is converted and filtered in multiple steps to ensure maximum readability on the receiving side’s printout). Minimal interaction is required from the user to make the whole process as simple as possible while providing excellent results.

Apart from sending documents, the customer has access to all his past/ongoing documents:

Sent faxes